Should I invest in Property Marrakech?

Marrakech is a good place to invest in property. Morocco’s capital city sees more than 1.8 million tourists coming from different continents, and a lot of investors heading to Marrakech the last fifteen years to take advantage of the sights, attractions and opportunities available. Those investors considering their first investment in Morocco should look towards Marrakech luxury properties investment.

Here are some of reasons to invest in properties in Marrakech

The fiscal and economic advantages of the investment code in Marrakech. Morocco has often been presented as the best gateway to the African continent and the best channel to Europe. This natural asset of nature that the kingdom has has favored some tax exemptions. Thus, we have:

  • Profit tax relief Turnover. For export over a period of 5 years
  • The 80% reduction in the amount of tax due for their pension in favor of retirees
  • An absence of wealth tax and inheritance tax
  • A low cost of a young, dynamic, qualified and motivated workforce
  • The discretion and robustness of the banking system
  • Ensuring the transfer of invested capital and profits
  • The guarantee of a stable and secure political environment for the smooth running of activities.

Marrakech Hotel Investment

With almost 2 million visitors each year, Marrakech is an opportunity for investors in hotel industry.
Whatever type of investment you are considering, Marrakech is the perfect city to develop such activity. However, if you are considering investing in hotels, our real estate agency Marrakech Luxury Properties, can offer you hotels for sale, riads or invest in property development by building high standing buildings.